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Tokio… un mensaje de resilencia y diversidad

Four hours where the planet earth was united in one. Time to see each other again, showing resilience to a pandemic that has changed our lives. A clear message of «Together We Are Stronger» is the ideal setting for the five rings that represent each of the continents to launch the unique universal festival in the world. 206 affiliated nations paraded in the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo, showing the strength of this peculiar movement, which moves values, feelings, sending messages through sport that today are more necessary than ever.

An opening ceremony with beautiful artistic details, such as the wooden hoops built with material from trees that passed away and that had been planted in Tokyo 1964, the first games that had the greatest audiovisual diffusion, which were the first to be transmitted via satellite and where 57 For years technology was employed at its finest to welcome these Games with a long-year delay.

A universal parade, which although it is long, is emotional, starting with Greece, closing with Japan, the first cradle of Olympism, the second host and the rest of the countries parading in Japanese alphabetical order, with Mexico being the 180th to appear with its flag bearers Gaby López and Rommel Pacheco traveling in front of us. For the first time, double standard bearer, woman and man, in message of diversity and gender equality, just as the Olympic oaths were made in the same dumbbell of athletes, officials and coaches. Great news adapted to today’s world. In addition, the music that was heard in the participants’ tour is from the famous Japanese video games that are all the rage.

The spectacle of the drones forming the universal figure of union was fascinating, but I believe that there are two emotional and sentimental moments, such as listening to the interpretation of Imagine by the Beatles, whose lyrics give the right message of what we want in the world we inhabit today and the second was to see Naomi Osaka, the tennis player lighting the cauldron that will light the Games for 16 days. Naomi suffered depression, she withdrew from Roland Garros for not attending the media and today is a huge day for her, since although there were not many people in the Stadium, she was seen worldwide all over the planet, which It will give you security in everything that comes ahead.

An Olympic Games underway amid a pandemic. Seeing everyone with face masks has become a custom that if it caught our attention before, it is now part of the clothing as we saw it in the parade and in all those attending the Stadium. Honoring front-line doctors and nurses, observing a minute of silence for the victims, is already something that we see regularly, unfortunately, naturally.

Olympism, criticized for its commercialism in the realization of these Games with 12 months of delay, in the end, leaving behind that perception they leave us the clear and forceful message «Life Goes On».